So.. been busy traveling so not on here much. BUT I found out not only a paleo diet helps but... I have Interstitial Cystits so with a stupid bladder issue, I finally caved and bought the over the counter drug called 'Oxytrol' at CVS. Antispasmodics just turn me into a zombie so I was nervous this drug would be similar. One of these patches lasts 4 days. But I tell yea... my BCIR is not gurgling or having food run through me as fast and making it hard to hold in. So, I think this over active bladder patch sucks for bladders but might be good for pouches. I have no side effects either.

Side note, I fell off the paleo/gluten free bandwagon and wasn't doing good. My oncologist ordered me to cut out all gluten due to their latest research at Baylor. 3 days later all joint pain went away and I had scabs from acne that would not go away on my shoulder for 5 months. 3 days in as well they all healed. I think gluten is junk and their studies are showing permanent joint damage and muscle issue.
He didn't push to go gluten free but to limit the intake.
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Interesting, Vanessavy. I cut way back on gluten (but not entirely) and the arthritis in my hands has all but disappeared. I was thinking it was the turmeric I started, but guessing now it's going mostly gluten-free.

Sorry to hear of the IC, but glad you are finding methods to deal with some of your other issues.
We switched our whole family to an adapted autoimmune Paleo diet. It took about a month to figure out how to make it affordable, time efficient and tasty. I reviewed way too many cookbooks and finally settled on UCer Danielle Walker's gut friendly cookbooks with a few recipes from Nom Nom Paleo.
Are you still doing well on Paleo? Any other suggestions you might want to share?

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