I’ve always followed the diet the doctor told me after my j-pouch surgeries. It worked for a good 25yrs along with my meds. But the last 10-14 yrs has just been a struggle, meds no longer work and food making me sick. It comes down to the food I eat and how it digests through my system. 
The thought of a vegan or vegetarian diet was always a no-no for someone like me. I had eliminated quite a bit from my diet, allergic to eggs, lactose intolerance, not too much fruit, gluten and off red meat for past 2yrs, geez what is there left to eat? Even with all I’ve eliminated I’m still not feeling great, I’ve always said, I feel better when I don’t eat. 

Been doing lots of research on vegan, vegetarian diets this new year and decided to give it a try. All I can say is WOW. Its been 2 weeks and I’ve not had to take any anti-diarrheal meds. I still take my vitamins and a digestive enzyme. Could meat have been my culprit all along? I’m thinking it might’ve been, 10-20 bm’s a day cut down to 4-5 a day.. hmm, how interesting. I do hope it stays this way. 

I found this article very interesting https://www.forksoverknives.co...id-reflux/#gs.t9funt



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I hear ya, that's what I say, I am better when I don't eat.  If only we didn't have to eat. lol  I rarely eat meat, I stay with chicken and fish and it's better that way.

I also feel great when I don't eat, but I loose pounds a day like that. Just make sure you are healthy otherwise with the change.

Good luck

I also wish I didn't have to eat.  I am 10 years in and still can not gain weight.  Anything I eat bothers me.   I eat to try and maintain my weight  94 pounds.  before UC I was 130.  I do try every now and than to add different foods to my diet, but it is not worth it.  I do take a lot of vitamins and I am on prolia for my bones.  I love being on this site.  I am still learning, thanks to all of you.  


Its been one month since going on this diet, I found eating vegetarian/vegan gives me tremendous amounts of gas, and feeling like I’m not getting enough protein. I decided last week to include organic chicken breast back in my diet, that was an epic fail, 4 days of eating and I was sick as a dog. I’m back on the no meat diet, trying to incorporate digestive enzymes with the addition of beano and more gas meds. I’ve also included some tofu for additional protein.  

YTCrockpot, wondering if, after a month of vegetarian / vegan diet, then the sudden four days of chicken was too fast, too much, for your system to re-adjust at once?  Maybe try something easier to digest, such as fish in small amounts, slowly, every few days?  Try fresh fish from the supermarket, not the breaded frozen kind, which can be yummy, but far too processed, mostly breading, and not really fish anymore, especially for your system right now. You could try making a smoothie using your tofu.

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