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Hi - I got the j pouch in 1984 at the age of 18 at Mayo. I've had occasional flare ups, but have always used Metamucil to help get me through it. 

Having just joined this group, I see discussions regarding Imodium/Loperamide. After 36 years, I'm quite surprised to find something least to me. So, what have I been missing and what does it do to help? Am I the only person using Metamucil?







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I use Lomotil very much the way Kangaroo uses Imodium. Both are bowel slowers, which can delay pouch filling. Some folks use a lot more, but I think it may have diminishing benefits if used all the time. Lomotil requires a prescription. I also use psyllium (Metamucil) every day. Both were recommended by my surgeon 18 years ago.

It depends on what you need the meds for. I just asked my gastro the diff between immodium and Metamucil and he said they work completely differently. Immodium slows down the bowels. Metamucil or psyllium husk is a form of fiber and it can form gas in the bowels. For me, he didn’t suggest the Metamucil bc I have a narrowing bc of obstructions and strictures from my ostomy before my takedown. He said if I took fiber, it would cause a lot of case and discomfort. The immodium slows stuff down and allows me to go longer inbetween bathroom runs- which is what I need it for. I take two a day- one at dinner and one before bed. I still go 12x a day. 

So to make a long story short, they both work differently, so I guess it depends on what you need. If your body is used to the fiber and it works for you, go with it! 

I used to use Imodium only for years and then made the switch to Metamucil/psyllium husk. Both have their benefits but I'm sticking with Metamucil only. Experimenting with how my body responds was the only way I figured out a routine that works for me.

For a while I was using both Metamucil and then taking Imodium at night and would occasionally get a little "backed up" because I was too slowed down. Recently I had my bowel twist and required surgery and my doctor said that potentially taking imodium contributed to my bowel twist. 

He said imodium thickens me up and my bowels are like a jump rope with one end being my j-pouch and the other end being the rest of my small bowel just swirling around freely in my abdomen and the imodium could have given my intestines a little too much momentum and caused my twist. Unfortunately we don't know for sure why the twist happened but thought I would share in case it helps someone out on here. 

I take the recommended dose of Metamucil three times a day before my meals. 

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