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Good morning!! I joined an extreme gym (flipping tires, pullups, hammers, lots of kettlebells + cardio) about 40 days ago. I thought I was getting away with this workout (I love it so much) but I think pouchitis is back. Exercise typically causes my frequency to go up (20 times a day) but I was doing great forever. 2 weeks ago, I started getting extreme cramps, fatigue, watery stools, when I eat my belly cramps. Are these symptoms of pouchitis? Typically my pouchitis is burning and frequency....not cramping (sometimes I can't stand up straight because they hurt so bad).

I'm wondering if I caused by pouchitis to go to the next level? Thanks for any answers you may have.

I will go back to walking/weights once this calms down---learned my lesson.
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whatever your issue is i do not think it has been causing pouchitis or by extreme exercise..if you were okay in every other way(muscles,over tired etc)..but some people get sick from extreme or exercise without jpouches..and it sounds like something different than your normal pouchitis issues...

i have worked out for many years if anything work out make me feel better..
In my experience working out has always made me feel better not worse, as long as I'm healthy to begin with. For myself, it's if I work out when my pouch is already inflamed, then working out just creates more pain/urgency than before. Personally I think working out or doing any strenuous activity when you have bad pouch pain/frequent diarrhea is just going to add to the problem. Those activities require you to absorb and use water/nutrients much more than normal, and if you can't keep up normal absorption, you're gunna hit a wall eventually by pushing your body while it's angry.

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