will I try to eat stirfry mushroom chicken from panda express...
the mushrooms/zucchini caused a nasty partial obstruction, again
no matter how much I chew them up they seem to clog the pipes...
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I'm glad I have no appetite for Panda Express to begin with. I stepped into it once, and wasn't interested in the eats I viewed there. I have ate stir fry successfully at other places though, although mushrooms/zucchini was not included in the dish. Either way, I've already learned the hard way too how annoying and painful clogged pipes can be with a J Pouch Frowner I hope you recover well from your scary pouch ride.
I know what you mean about being put off a food. I got a partial obstruction from the bean sprouts in chop suey from Mandarin. That was with the ostomy, and I have since eaten bean sprouts in other dishes, but I still avoid the Mandarin chop suey to this day.

Mushrooms can be problematic though. I've never had an obstruction from them directly and in fact I don't very often eat mushrooms, but I notice when I have mushroom pizza, they come out looking more or less the same as going in. That always makes me think twice about eating mushrooms in general. I believe they are one of those foods that simply do not break down well and in that sense, we should all be a little more careful.
I have had mushrooms a few times now and I always worry. I really love them though, especially portabella mushrooms. They haven't caused an obstruction but they always get stuck at the "exit". I strain and strain and then they finally pop out looking just like they did going in like Spooky said. I usually just stay away from them. That is the only food I worry about for myself.
A few weeks ago I had a mushroom & swiss burger (the best type of burger!) for the first time since the surgeries and I was so happy when it all went through fine (and came out fine).

It seems my body was purpose built to eat everything, even with certain parts missing.

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