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Hi All,

I've complained a bit lately about a myriad of symptoms on other threads, so i won't rehash here.  My purpose for this post is, at this point, I am so miserable, with no recourse, and really need to get in front of a doctor ASAP. 

I don't have an appointment until mid October, and I have not had any luck calling into the office as I am a new patient and have no history there.  My old GI left for greener pastures (and I wasn't too fond of him anyway) - so I am in tight spot. 

Anyone have any suggestions as to how to get yourself seen sooner rather than later?  Trying to avoid the ED at all costs...

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I thought I might have caught a break today - I have a fellow JPoucher who is unfortunately a frequent patient at NYU, and he was kind enough to get in touch with one of the PAs on my behalf.  That ended up getting me in touch with 3 different admins, all of which told me there were no immediate openings, and that I should take an appointment and go on the wait-list.  That was after I explained to them the urgency of the matter, and that I was already on 2 waitlists.

I can't believe it's so difficult to find available, quality care at a time where it is becoming an emergency.  What's the point of having these great medical facilities so close to home if you can't use them.

I apologize for the vent - I'm feeling very beaten down, with nowhere to turn.

If anyone has been able to get an immediate appointment with a pouch-educated GI, in the NY area, please reach out.


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