I live in Washington, DC. My doctor abruptly stopped practicing, and of course I find out while I have a bout of pouchitis. He was helpful in getting his former practice to call in a script, but he said I'm going to have to find a new GI doc.

I've had a really hard time finding GI docs with experience treating patients with J-pouches... One doctor did every possible test on me (Barium x-ray, CT scan, endoscopy, pouchoscopy) to rule out other things when I told her I had pouchitis, and left me in pain for 6 weeks before giving me antibiotics.

Does anyone have any suggestions of GI doctors with experience treating j-pouch patients? I don't have a car, so preferably metro-accessible in DC or Maryland.



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Hi, Blu.  If you don't get any response to your post, try calling a major hospital near you and ask for their gastrointestinal unit, then ask whoever answers for names and numbers of their GI specialists who are accepting new patients. Or you could telephone or google the local medical board / specialists' registry for a list of GIs in your area, then start calling. Walk into a major hospital, go up to their GI unit and ask the nurse/receptionist how to find a GI experienced in j pouch care. Do you have a family doctor? Could he/she give you some referrals? I hope you find someone. Good luck.

Yes. And No.

I did have Dr. Hardi; went in for a scope in January, scheduled a follow-up for February and before I got to that appointment, I got a call from his office saying that the Dr. would be out indefinitely and that they would call me back once he get's back. At this point, it seems like a done deal; he won't be coming back.

I wonder what happened? Maybe he hit the lottery.

No. I don't know who I'm moving to. Have you come up with any names for a replacement?

I had an experience with my Gynecologist where he was out for about a year.  Turns out he had colon cancer, I believe.  He did come back.  He was out at the same time I was in the process of getting my pouch surgeries.  We had the same surgeon.  So, you never know.

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