our moderatorBill has posted on ..general discussions a call for help to keep our site going..and it would be nice to now that this invaluable site can go on for years to come..there are 15000 members if everyone contributed something this could be accomplished..

please give as much or as little as you can so this site will continue..if you have been helped with information and often encouragement please consider and act on this request..

to send a donation just go to..general discussions..we need your help..for how to do it..
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thank you and i hope others who benefit from this site will do the same..i personally do not know what i would have done without this site...

sharing our information with others is one of our very best resources for those of us who seek help,knowledge and support .. i thank Bill for founding and continuing this site a filling a very important need to people everywhere ..

please do not leave it up to someone else to support this site..if you are on this site now you are benefiting in some way..please give a donation to keep it going for more than one year but for years to come..

i am just someone who has benefited from this site and feel very strongly about BILL being able to keep it going..

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