Started with uc in 2007 to 2011 had j pouch sergery in Jan 2011 drop down sergery in April 2011 in june 2011 developed comunication between small intestinds and bladder had 10 more segerys last drop down was in feb 2012.Started with pouchitis shortly after that did the flag and cip
for about 1 year am now on Vsl3ds it is helping and its alowing me to be off the antibiotics.
My proublum is my wife dosent get it understand it
in denille of the hole thing we are 33 years in and this is haveing a bad afect on our marage witch dosent help thing in general need to get her to talk to someone I know its not easy for everyone to deal with for the other person
Thanks need help
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I feel for you and know what you are going through. Is it possible to get her to look on this web site at all to read about people's experiences? You can do searches for topics and if you find one that is relevant or close to what your situation is you can email it to yourself and then print it out and ask her to read it. I've done that several times, sometimes just to show my husband how other's feel the same way as I do so he can see that what I am going through is real and not me faking it or whatever.

I am in counselling because I am depressed about all of this and among everything having problems with him. I can't get him to see a therapist but he needs to. He's angry, like I got sick on purpose to ruin his life. I know he doesn't really think that but it seems like he does. I suggest you see a therapist to learn how to deal with her and whatever other problems you might be having. Maybe you don't have any other problems. I have major depression mostly from being chronically ill with these problems plus all of my other health problems which have left me disabled and in chronic pain.

It's not your fault and you need to know how to react to her so that she doesn't bring you down more than you already are. It is hard on our spouses too.

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