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I wrote on here a few days ago with little response. I have a doctor appointment
Monday with my doctor because my incision is leaking yellow and might be infected. I am on ciprofloxacin antibiotic. I am experiencing severe stomach pain/cramping that doesn't feel normal. I almost went to the ER last night but opted out since its the weekend and wouldn't see any of my doctors till Monday. I'm not so bad when I'm laying in bed but all other times is awful. Is this pouchitis or something else?
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If you continue with this pain I would go to the ER. They can take an xray/scan to see if you have a blockage. I experienced this and because my doctor was in NY I had my husband drive me all the way there that night as the ER scared me about the need for possible surgery if the blockage worsened. After the evening it did pass on it's own. I happened to eat some bran cereal that day and had a lot and must have stopped things up a bit. I did not have any infection at the ostomy site though so I am not sure if you can be dealing with an infection or not. I just had a lot of abdominal cramping and pain and it seemed to come in waves and a heating pad did nothing for my pain or discomfort.
1) Partial blockage (warm baths, lots of abdominal stretching, but gently)

2) Infection (keep on the Cipro as directed, just don't take any calcium supplements with it as it can alter your absorbition rates. Cipro can take several days to several weeks to kick in)

3) muscle tear with infection (after my first j pouch surgery, the incision site tore open and got infected, Cipro did the trick)

But, don't take our word with 100% certainty, ask your doc on Monday, until then, keep you diet bland and soft, drink as much fluid as you can, and DO NOT touch the area where he puss is (secondary infections are very hard to kill, I've had three, trust me on that). Hope you're feeling a little better and that your doctor can, if you'll pardon he pun, get to the bottom of this,

Eric Big Grin

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