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I’m new as you can tell from my posting and I’ve only emptied at home.

I empty standing up in a container in the sink as sitting on the toilet backwards isn’t working for me. At work we have private bathrooms where I can set everything up, but I have no idea how I’ll navigate a stall! I have my catheter, lubricant, gauze, and syringe, and was thinking of getting a collapsible cup for my syringe. But how do I actually empty? Tips please!!!!! And let me know what else I need in my kit!

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I've had my K-pouch for 44 years and will tell you that every day and every time you empty will bring a new experience as your body is still very much adjusting to this 'new' body part.  Don't be hard on yourself, take as long as you need to not only try new ways but listen to your body.  Back in the day, once I had the surgery, there was no one to ask questions to, just a call to the stoma nurse (ET) many states away.  Your diet may change through the years as well, everyone is different and again , you're still adjusting.  As for catheters, I've never used anything but a catheter length of 24 inches and Fr 29 or 30  That way when you're sitting on the toilet (backwards? I don't understand, I just hang the catheter directly into the toilet ) the longer length is always in the water with very little splash back, I only tried, had no choice, with the shorter lengths just one time, I wasn't used to it and seemed really awkward and much much messier.I've never emptied standing up.  However, as you've read, everyone finds what works best for them.  If you need assistance in finding the longer lengths, I'll be happy to provide that if you want.  In the beginning of your journey, you should follow all your providers requests.  I do everything I can to not have a thick output as that obviously makes drainage frustrating but for now just take deep breaths and work through it if you can.  I drink pretty much only water, teas and coffee.  I should have given up my beloved carbonated beverages years ago as they caused undue gas and I believe other issues.  Only gave that up 7 years ago. What I write next  isn't good advice and I'm only telling you this as it has over the years not been a problem for me but in the beginning years and possibly thereafter, you may always need to irrigate but after a few years, I rarely did or do now UNLESS I feel something is really stuck or something I ate needs some help, again, not advice as you do need to irrigate, it's different for all of us.  I've used nursing pads that I cut up with 3M transpore 2 inch tape.  Many times I just use 1 nursing pad and one of the cut up pads. As I've gotten older, my mucus output seems to have increased much more, it is what it is. I wish I would have known about Devrom tablets from the get go, it would have saved me years of dealing with the smell because nothing has ever worked as well.  This is a long response and I hope you stay in contact with an (ET) stoma therapist in your area or connect with one in one of the hospitals that do this procedure.  Try not to overthink it all, nothing happens fast and sounds like you've been getting really good advice from others here.  When you empty in public, I suggest you get some of those very small syringes, I used to work in dental offices so had easy access,  they hold about 10cc of water, fit perfectly in the end of a catheter if you need to push through thick output either directly from catheter to toilet or from tiny syringe into your catheter to stoma.  fits easily into a small toiletry bag.  To this day, I'll do everything I can to continue to save my pouch and stoma. I've needed revisions not to pouch but to nipple valve and will do it again if needed.  Wishing you well.  Debby

Thank you for all your tips! It definitely helps to have advice from others and it must have been an adventure for you at the beginning. I wish this forum was more active.

My stoma nurse said to sit backwards, but I don't know. I am going to buy a collapsible bowl and put it in the sink as standing is much easier for me. It seems like the only solution.

I always stand to empty my pouch I don't like to sit, though I have done so (mostly in public bathrooms)  I have not tried sitting backwards, that sounds weird.  My husband even had a special little stool build to my specifications for use at home and I empty into a little bucket.

I will also kneel in front of toilets if its not a public restroom (like a friend's house).  I prefer to stand in stalls, a lot depends on how low the toilet is.  I put a bit of toilet paper in the bowl and that keeps splashing to a minimum.  I don't like to empty in stalls, its confined, there's no where to put anything etc. so I consider emptying there to be my last resort and I don't irrigate there, only empty. If the bathroom is crowded I won't even rinse out my cath, just stuff it back into the ziplock and rinse in when I get home (or wherever I'm going).

As you can see, many of us do things differently and thats kinda awesome that this is so flexible!  My suggestion is, as you get more comfortable, try different things until you figure out what is gonna be 'your way'

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