I have plans to join military here soon and if my medical documents (surgery papers and all that good info) pass and I'm allowed to have a medical waiver, meaning I'm able to join, (fingers crossed) I need to get off the pills. I'm not taking anything right now except the every-so-often Flagyll whenever I get a flare up. But I need something like a set diet, maybe some antibacterial drinks or vitamins I can take to clear up what's going on down there. And also is it possible with a relaxed diet, some Gatorade and water, and rest will a pouchitis bout go away? Or at least calm down. Basically, I'm looking for natural, nothing crazy like oh take this supplement or mix this in a blender type stuff, remedies. I know there's stuff out there, just need help finding it.
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Hard question. Do you usually have pouchitis? If so, then what do you take and does it work for you? If you do not usually have it then I wouldn't worry too much..Besides, your non pouchy co-soldiers will have the runs just as often if not more so when over seas eating foreign foods and k rations...(mind you, k rations could work well with a j pouch...they have a lot of salt in them, are generally saucy and thickened and have a good protien concentration....hmmm, not a bad idea!)
I would take peptobysmol chewable tablets, chewable probiotics to keep that good flora up high, eat tons of yoghurt, very little white sugars and avoid the sodas. Don't forget to be drinking bottled water and keep the salt tablettes that the army gives out on you at all times, they are great for dehydration!
Other than that, unless you really have a hard time with your pouch, you should be just fine.
Thanks for your replies guys! And just kind of a little more info, I rarely get the pouchitis, this might be like the second time I've gotten it and my doctor didn't seem too worried. She just gives me the two weeks of Flaggyl and that cures it up right away. This past time I had it a few weeks ago and it recently started coming back so I got worried but I remembered I didn't really take the full two weeks of Flaggyl, I stopped. Which probably bit me in the butt lol but I 'finished' it and I'm okay. I'm gonna start eating a ton of yogurt, I heard that's good for that whole digestive thing.

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