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I have just joined the J Pouch group-for some reason I never googled my own problem-I am a nurse and always looking up stuff for other people but never thought of looking up my own condition. I always thought I was alone with my J pouch problems-what a shock to discover others like me!

I had my surgery many years ago-in1982-have had pouchitis every 5 years or so. This last bout lasted for a while and I am going to see a doctor at the Cleveland Clinic-Dr Bo Shen.I want to get established with a gastroenterologist that understands this condition and hopefully will be happy with this physician.I feel a lot of empathy for my fellow sufferers and realize it could be a lot worse.My heart goes out to you all

RLC posted:
Not that you want people to share in your own misery but sometimes you feel like you are the only one out there on your own with this problem! I am 49 and filing for SSI. I do have a LTD insurance that I am collecting.
Do you all get the comment "you look so good all the time"?! I do! I just tell my husband they don't hear my sounds when I am going 8 x's a day and you are in some type of pain daily! I always feel like I have a 2 x 4 stuck up the anus area along with burning! Try to keep some (sick) humor to this new life that we have achieved!
After the holidays I am looking into Eastern Med. to see if that will help with any of the pain that is involved! That is the only thing left! Trying to stay positive!


Yesss I know EXACTLY what you mean people say that to me all the time because I just try not to look like I feel....but it kinda sucks because I feel like they really think I feel well and most of the time SOMETHING is hurting, butt, joints etc., lol you get tge picture.  Anyway I pray things are going well by now.  I need to apply for disability I keep putting it off  because I know its a long fight I just need to get up the strength to do it smh.

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