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I posted this question in the J pouch forum and just realized it might be better to post here.  I currently have an S pouch but am having some complications and am worried that eventually, I might have to go back to an ileostomy.  Because of poor health and complications, I had a total of 5 surgeries for colon removal and pouch creation over a two year period.  After having my temporary stoma after my first surgery, they took it down in the second surgery and hooked up my S pouch.  I then had a pouch leakage problem right away so they had to go in and fix that, and give me a new stoma.  The second stoma was placed on the opposite side of the first one.  After some additional complications, I finally had my final takedown in surgery number 5.  My concern now is that if I have to go back to an ileostomy, there isn't a good place for the stoma.  Can they bring the stoma through an old stoma site?  I have pretty big, indented scars from the previous stomas so it doesn't seem like there will be adequate flat skin space for the appliance to adhere to.  What are other stoma placement sites that they use?  Has anyone had a stoma on each side of the abdomen and successfully had new stomas created in those same spots in the future?

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If you go back to an ileostomy, an ostomy nurse will evaluate your stomach and help you determine what might be the best location for your stoma.

I personally have had 4 stomas, and they've all been in the same site:  #1 was an end ileo in '93 for colectomy; #2 was a loop ileo for jpouch; #3 in '17 was an end ileo when my jpouch was disconnected; and #4 in '18 when the stoma was unexpectedly revised during jpouch removal surgery, due to "kinking" behind it.  Like you mentioned, the stoma is in an indented area - had I known it was going to be revised in '18, I'd have asked for it to be moved to the other, flatter side of my abdomen.

But thankfully, my stoma is longer now - a very good thing that you should ask your surgeon for - and I've learned how to deal with the indentation with the help of an ostomy nurse and on-line support groups.  In addition, ostomy supplies have come a very long way since my first one in '93.

I'm sure there are more folks out here who've had their jpouch removed and therefore have had 2-3+ stomas who can share their experiences with their site locations as well.  It sounds like you've been through an awful lot - I hope you can find a resolution soon - good luck.

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