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Hi everyone,

I am currently awaiting pouch surgery and during my wait for it I've had a lot of time to think.  I've always dreamed of moving abroad or spending an extended time in another country and I still intend to achieve that dream. 

Has anyone with a pouch or even ostomy lived overseas or is currently travelling? How do they find it and what things did you have to plan before moving or going to that place? I'm from the UK and I know there is an agreement with Australia and New Zealand which helps with healthcare, but anyone moved to other countries such as Mexico or elsewhere? 




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I moved to Paris from Canada 4yrs after my K pouch creation.

I did not speak the language or have medical coverage.

It was risky, it was scary and very challenging but after 38yrs I guess that it was worth it.

We now live in the day of internet. You can do research on the medical situation in each country, their insurance and hospital situation, their knowledge of your specific condition and where you can find a doctor that can help you if needed.

You can carry all of your scripts, pre-order and have meds shipped, download your whole medical file onto a USB key...

So unless you are hiking in Napal (and I am sure that there would be a way to get help even there) you should be ok in a civilized country (not a moral but medical judgment).

The rest is a question of your basic health situation pre and post-op and how strong or adventurous you feel.

Good luck...and keep us posted on your adventures!


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