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I looked up the ingredients, and this seems like something a person would not take long term, but it might bring a starving person back to life.  The first ingredient is glucose syrup.  And cow milk is after that, which causes intestinal upset in a lot of people.  It sounds like it would make me feel very very bad and increase inflammation because of the sugar and milk. 

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Hi! here is a 2021 paper reviewing the trials on adult/children treatment with enteral therapy ( liquid diet) which show high %s of success. Modulen is what they refer to as polymeric diet.

Review of exclusive enteral therapy in adult Crohn’s disease | BMJ Open Gastroenterology

And here is a 2019 paper on an effort to create a food based diet based on Modulen Treatment of Active Crohn's Disease With an Ordinary Food-based Diet That Replicates Exclusive Enteral Nutrition - PubMed (

These are useful reads if interested in liquid diet.

It doesnt seem Modulen will  increase inflammation. trial results show the opposite and explain what they have found up to now to be the reason for this and what remains unknown. Though when taking it at the beginning you might experience some worsening of symptoms that settle with time.

The period to take them to help with inflammation is 6-8 weeks and then you can take them partially or take them fully every x weeks i.e. do a full enteral therapy every 2 months for 2 weeks.

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