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Hi,  I just feel like giving up.  I have had pouchitis, cuffitis, and now I am constipated.  The cuffitis is so painful but was able to finally get some relief, after using Canasa and then my dr at U of M called in another suppository tacrolimus that had to be specially made. Finally got relief and was doing great. Then a few days ago woke and couldn’t go to the bathroom.  So now I am the opposite.  

I am just sick of all the problems.  I didn’t expect my life to be so messed up.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I don’t feel like I have any around my anus and I am not bleeding at all.  I had a pouchoscopy this last summer.  I do those every year, per my U of M GI.  I’m about to go back to a bag.   But they never can find any inflammation in my pouch.  So I don’t get it at all.  And it’s not like you can get into your doctor really fast since he is a specialist.  

Thank you.  I am drinking pure grape juice and that has helped very little to get it to come out but not much.  That was recommended on her so I keep it on hand just in case.  

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I was about to say the same thing as Winterberry...what is your diet? What do you eat and when? What do you eat it with?? At what times? Are you more sedentary now with the confinement and Covid? Have you changed anything in your routines??? What you drink? Your meds????

Maybe we can help you to find a method that works for you and helps.


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