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About a year ago I stopped using Mio because I had heard it may be causing my gI system/ pouch to be affected negatively. While using mio I was drinking 8 20oz bottles a day. Since stopping Mio I slowly started drinking Pepsi again. Prior to this I hadn’t had any caffeinated drinks for over a decade. Now a year later I find myself drinking 3 cans of Pepsi a day and maybe 1 20 oz water. My question: What are some flavor enhancers that others with pouches have used with success? I feel with my soda intake probably any enhancer would be better than the Pepsi. Thanks for the info in advance,


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I has to stop using Mio as well... It is made using one of the sugar alcohols (i.e. Malitol, Erithrytol, Sucralose) and yes, those cause real problems for j-pouchers.  Try Crystal Lite (or the great value brand from Wal-Mart).  They have no sugar added, and flavored - lots of different flavors!  Hope that helps. 

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