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Well my take down was scheduled for Tuesday June 19 and I was excited to finally get rid of the bag. Everything had gone smooth up until now and I had even gained some weight back with ostomy and was doing all my old activities so I figured takedown would be so much better. Well the night before takedown I had my first complication, a blockage after eating a full rack of ribs on the trip to Denver (6hr drive to see my surgeon). After 15 hrs of no output and pain I decided to check into the ER. After a full day and 1 NG tube later the blockage cleared but now I won't get my takedown till July 3. I get released from the hospital tomorrow all to come back in a week. I sure hope that was the one and only complication headed my way! My question is how long do the guys normally feel sore after a blockage? It still feels like I have been punched in the stomach but things are passing through fine.
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Rack of ribs + 6 hr drive sitting in the same position??? Kline, that sounds like a recipe for trouble for any poucher let alone a pre-op week, stick to light and gentle foods pre-op...
The kick in the stomach is about the best description that I have have put your guts under strain for quite a while and they are not at all going to let you forget it for at least a few patient and void the ribs next week...
ps...good luck with the takedown.
Sorry to hear your surgery got pushed back, but I'm sure it was the right choice considering how your insides feel at the moment. Damn ribs eh? I've only had one blockage before, it was right after they let me out after my colectomy, mac and chesse did me in, stayed blocked for a couple days. Woke up in the middle of the night and my bag was literally full to the brim with liquid, the flange and appliance almost ripped off because of all the pressure. It was definitely sore for a few days after, I think that's normal.
Lol yeah eating the ribs probably wasn't the smartest thing I've done. I guess I just got used to eating whatever I wanted with the ostomy but I was usually up moving around after eating and drinking lots of water. ( anyone who has been through Wyoming knows the stops are few and far between) so I'm sure it was the sitting still in the car for 6 hrs. I had eaten everything including mushrooms before so I didn't think there was much of a risk. I was pretty bummed out when the dr told me no surgery this week but then I started looking at the positive side... That's one more week of fishing ill get in this summer!!!! I'll keep everyone updated on how the takedown goes and the post op days. Might give future j pouchers some more ideas of what to expect. I know reading others stories has helped me out a lot.

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