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Hi Guys,

Under the advice of my surgeon and GI, we've decided to try and thin out my stool so I am no longer straining and experiencing pain when I try to have bowel movements.

Their recommendations have been miralax, or magnesium (either milk of magnesia or magnesium citrate).

Wanted to reach out to people on here to see what they've had the best experiences with it, as well as any advice on dosage and timing (my docs didn't have much to say about that, except don't exceed the maximum dose of magnesium per day).

Historically miralax has just caused anal leakage and has not really done much for helping me have a movement.

Also to answer common questions: Yes, I am well hydrated (I drink 4-6 liters daily, and supplement with lots of electrolytes. My panels are all normal, I drink frequently, and have no symptoms of dehydration). My diet is not causing the formed stool - my doc thinks that it's because I live in a high mountain desert, am extremely active, and just tend to filter more water than most people. No, I do not have a blockage, stricture, or pelvic floor issue. All have been evaluated for. No, I do not have motility issues with my small bowel either.

So TLDR: miralax, milk of magnesia, mag citrate, what do you prefer, why, and how often do you take it / how much?

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