The rise of inflammatory bowel diseases could be down to our shifting diets causing a "boom in bad bacteria", according to US researchers.

Mouse experiments detailed in the journal Nature linked certain fats, bacteria in the gut and the onset of inflammatory diseases.

The researchers said the high-fat diet changed the way food was digested and encouraged harmful bacteria.

Microbiologists said modifying gut bacteria might treat the disease.

Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBDs), such as Crohn's and ulcerative colitis, affect one in every 350 people in the UK. When the gut becomes inflamed it can lead to abdominal pain and diarrhoea.

The researchers at the University of Chicago said the incidence of the diseases was increasing rapidly.

They used genetically modified mice which were more likely to develop IBDs. One in three developed colitis when fed either low-fat diets or meals high in polyunsaturated fats. This jumped to nearly two in three in those fed a diet high in saturated milk fats, which are in many processed foods.
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They also suggest an effective means of dealing with such diseases, by simply reshaping the microbial balance of the gut”

Dr Roy Sleator Cork Institute of Technology

These saturated fats are hard for the body to digest and it responds by pumping more bile into the gut. This changes the gut environment and leads to a change in the bacteria growing there, the researchers said.

One bacterium in particular, Bilophila wadsworthia, was identified. It thrives in the extra bile produced to break down the fats. It went from being incredibly rare to nearly 6% of all bacteria in the gut in the high-fat diet.

Prof Eugene Chang, of the University of Chicago, said: "Unfortunately, these can be harmful bacteria. Presented with a rich source of sulphur, they bloom, and when they do, they are capable of activating the immune system of genetically prone individuals."

However, he said this could lead to possible treatments as the gut bacteria could be "reshaped" without "significantly affecting the lifestyles of individuals who are genetically prone to these diseases".

Commenting on the research, Dr Roy Sleator, from the Cork Institute of Technology, said: "Not only do the authors provide, what is in my opinion, the first credible explanation as to how Western diet contributes to the unusually high incidence in inflammatory bowel disease; they also suggest an effective means of dealing with such diseases, by simply reshaping the microbial balance of the gut."

Thought this was an interesting article.
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That's why you only use raw milk from haelthy organic grass fed only cow's. Best thing i ever did for my gut.
I have the complete paper,basically all they found so far to cause the problem was MF.
But the stuff they used in the diet is a highly
reifined anhydrous milf fat,lard did not cause the problem. But this highly refined stuff did. This seems to be a trigger,and may not cure you if you stopped all dairy. But there is evedience from
Dr. Truelove in 1961 that stopping milk will induce remission in some people
,especially if on pred.
You might try
and go off of all dairy/eggs/butter and any foods that might contain milk solids or milk fats,for a few weeks,seems like it is worth a shot.
Old Mike
Glenns Dad
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Stop drinking dairy - it's not natural to do so. There's not an animal on the planet that's in their adult time frame that is drinking milk, other then humans. There's many other source of calcium, that are better for your body.

Further, there's so many alternative sources of milk such as hemp milk, almond milk that actually are good for your body, and taste way better too.

The milk that is produced today, isn't good for anyone...

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