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I'm a 44 year old man getting trying to decide between a J pouch and a permanent illeostomy. I am concerned that my outcomes will not be as positive as those who received their J pouch in their 20s

Has anyone out there received a J pouch later in life? How has it lasted as you've aged?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Krakt….. I have only had my pouch for 15 months now and though it was a rough road for a few months I am living a normal life. I also am 44 years old. I work for an energy company and do not work in an office.  I didn’t think I would be able to do my job with the increase in bathroom trips but have managed to make it work for a year now. I struggled with “the bag” and getting the jpouch was the best decision for me. As for pouch longevity I’m sure some other members will chime in with their experiences. My surgeon said my pouch will last the rest of my life…. Witch ever path you choose may your journey be smooth and full of good health…

I did mine when I was 59.

But I was warned. Where my ulcers were chances of a pouch working were not good. I did the pouch and it didn't work.  I'm ok with the end ileo.

But being 59 I even tried the pouch first.

No question that I would in my 40's.

My ulcers were close to the end of my colon.

I'd ask questions about where your ulcers are.

Higher up the better .  I personally think it needs to be disease free where the pouch get hooked up at the end.

As you can tell. I'm not a Dr so I don't know the terms.

But I'm sure you may understand what I mean.

Good luck!


I was 30 and had been very sick in the hospital for weeks at a time. No medication helped  and I knew I had to do something. I had time to get relatively healthy before surgery which helped recovering, which I struggled with. I didn't like the bag and the adhesive didn't like me. Having a jpouch is definitely worth a try there are possible issues with everything, at least this way you can try and always go back.

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