I have been reading about the MicroBiome and in particular, Robynne Chutkans' book, The Microbiome Diet.  How does this apply to those of us without a colon? I am acting as though my pouch IS my colon. Since I have cut out milk and gluten, and beefed up my veggie intake, my pouch is so much calmer. I also wonder since the pouch is so much smaller than the large intestine, can it harbor enough good bacteria to keep me healthy?

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This is such a great question, I wish someone had answered you.  My adult daughter will soon have her third j pouch surgery and this is something I have started wondering about for her.  I will pass on your observation that more vegetables and less dairy and gluten helped you.  Thanks!

Hi, thanks for the link on the book. I was thinking about the same thing, treating the pouch like the colon for the microbiome. However, does that tissue take to the colonization like the colon? From what I’ve researched it seems the tissues are not the same from small intestine to colon and so I didn’t know if it would colonize like a colon. 

Anyone with luck on this? 

My understanding is that as the pouch matures, the cells in it morph into more like cells of the large intestine and therefore it responds to food similarly.

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