I had my surgeries in 2000. I deal with pouchitis a few times a year. I’m allergic to cipro so I am on metronidazole.  The last few times the odor when I evacuate is intense. I can smell the drug. Anyone experience this and get any feedback?

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I have taken cipro for pouchitis and one thing I notice soon after taking it is that my stools don't smell bad at all. Off cipro, they can be quite smelly. And when I eat raw red onion...you do NOT want to be the next one in the stall after me!

Yes, I experience a strong odor of the drug with any unpleasant biologically-oriented smells. For example, if someone else has bad breath the smell of the drug permeates it. My stools smell god awful. It's pretty overwhelming. Like @RHolt when I'm on cipro my stools are basically odorless. Flagyl hasn't been working for my recurring pouchitis, but cipro does the trick.

I am not aware of any of these drugs having distinctive odors. If so I would like to hear what exactly they have an odor of. Foul smelling stool usually comes from a Pouchitis or bacterial overgrowth situation which is the very situation these drugs are supposed to treating.

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