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i have my take down 4 weeks ago and im using metamucil. Im hoever having 30 bms per day which my doctors say isn abnormal ( in paris they dont recommend at all pysllium)


Can metamucil ( pysllium) have a reverse effect on people like me who have no colon  nor rectum and has a jpouch. My question is can this be causing me more BMS instead of reducing it.


thanks to all in advance for your comments,



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Metamucil can certainly increase the # of BMs (for some folks) by increasing bulk and/or gas. I'd be surprised if it were entirely responsible for 30 BMs per day, but why not go a day or two without it and see what happens?


Metamucil isn't chiefly intended to reduce frequency, anyway. It thickens very loose stool, and in *some* cases that helps people delay bathroom trips and thus reduce frequency.

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While psyllium fiber can have a bulking effect and reduce the number of BMs for some, others do not tolerate it, myself included. Metamucil caused increased gas for me. There was absolutely no benefit in taking it, and like Mysticobra it caused me more problems than not. I was able to tolerate Benefiber with no adverse side effects but I never noticed any difference in my frequency or consistency, so there was no reason to continue to spend the money on it. However, you may want to give it a try as others here have had luck with it.


Citrucel is also psyllium based, so if you're having issues with Metamucil, that may be another one to avoid.





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Metamucil caused insanely more bathroom trips for me in the beginning but after a month i was told to try it again and it couldnt have worked any more perfectly. unfortunatley i wasnt taking enough water with it and when i had a scope done last week as to why barely anything was coming out she found alot of metamucil was in the patch kind of clinging to the walls. dont let that deter you though, like i said i was only taking maybe 6 oz of water with it instead of a cup, it could have been 5, not sure, i usually eyeball it in a battery mixing cup. 

Metamucil is my saving grace.  I have been on it daily for over 15 years, and I refuse to go a day without it.  I even take it into restaurants if I have to. It has kept me "regular" and i swear by it.  What works for me is to mix just 1 tsp with a little ice, about 4 oz  of very cold water, and 8 oz of orange juice.  Then I drink that while I eat my breakfast.  And, right now, I'm also taking VSL #3 DS, so I just add that right in... I jokingly call it my morning cocktail.  My nurse did tell me that anything more than 1 tsp can have the opposite effect, so in this case, more is not better.  Also, I use the smooth texture, sugar free, orange flavor. It dissolves well, and no extra calories.  ��


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