Do you know if Meta Fiber Wafers are as effective as psyllium powder?  I have been taking psyllium capsules but my surgeon today said she does not recommend capsules because she is not certain that they break down quickly enough for my "rapid transit system".   I have used them for some time because they are easier for travel and dining out.  I would now begin using the powder form at home and the wafers for travel.   Your experiences and comments will help guide my decision.  Thank you!

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The wafers worked fine for me - I switched to the powder when I decided I didn't want as many calories as the wafers contain. The capsules worked poorly for me, for just the reason your surgeon cited.

The powder comes in individual dose packets, easier to pack than wafers, which can turn into crumbs. At a restaurant I just ask for a glass of water and a spoon.


They taste fine, pretty good really.  I have the cinnamon spice but you can also get them in apple crisp flavor.  I will try them next.   I like that they are so convenient, so long as you don't turn them into crumbs as Scott noted above.    I also bought some packets of Benefiber which can be stirred into water, hot drinks, juice, soup etc.  I will be traveling several times in the next month and take both types with me to see how they fare on the road.   My middle name might as well be Accident, so am looking for dietary solutions in addition to the medical ones.

Good luck. 

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We found some of the Metamucil wafer flavors taste okay, but a couple of the flavors seemed yucky to us. We nicknamed them "nasty biscuits." We've stopped using them as a source of fiber, but now the powder and capsules are called "nasty powder" and "nasty capsules" in my house, even though they aren't nasty.

The wafers worked great for me, but over the years I developed a taste aversion to them, and I also didn't need the extra calories.  I use the capsules - they work fine for me.  I know my habits, so (for example if I am drinking beer and eating popcorn I will have a rapid transport time), so just take them more often.  Generally, I have found the capsules to work in regular circumstances-easy to test - if they haven't dissolved in transit, they will end up in the toilet bowl a short while later, floating

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