hi everyone , I was trying the metamucil for the last 3 days and it made me go more and I had diarrhea is that normal? Is that meen all kind of fiber wouldn't work for me ?

when I was only on LOMOTIL my stool was formed and I had a quiet alot trips to the bathroom but with the metamucil my stool was so runny .


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Metamucil gives me gas and more frequent stools. Some people are sensitive to it. I am one of them. 

Fiber supplements will not slow your gut transit. For us, the idea is to thicken the output by increasing the bulk. You may have better results with Citrucel or Benefiber, neither of which contain psyllium, which can be an irritant for some.


I take high amounts of both Imodium and Metamucil. the key with Metamucil is to take the fiber but it the extra water. Use the capsules or the wafers and do NOT drink the recommended water with it. Or if you buy the orange powder just mix a couple Tbsp of the powder with a couple Tbsp of water into a sludge and slide it down. You don't want to take it with all the water because the point is, you want it to sop up the extra liquid that is already in your gut.

I've been reading a lot about gut bacteria and fiber. They say our microbiota is a reflection of what we eat. Many of us, when first trying lots of fiber, don't have the colonies of bacteria best suited to deal with it, hence upsets like gas, bloating, diarrhea. Maybe it would be helpful for you to look into establishing a micro biota that feeds on fiber.  Take a look online to read about this connection to gut bacteria populations and digestion, if it's a fix for your problem...it's free and safe! 

I personally use 100% pure psyllium husks. No flavors or additives. (BTW: The psyllium POWDER capsules are a nightmare: AVOID!)

I mix 2 TBSPs of psyllium husks with about 10 oz of water. If you can get it down immediately (before it starts to set up), I've found it is not unpleasant. (I can even do it in a restaurant at the table with no one noticing). I've had my pouch since 1980.  (resulting from acute bout of UC). I eat a very high fiber diet. Vegetarian and loaded with fruits and nuts as snacks. I have no issues. I take no medications, I have never had pouchitis and I never get up at night or have accidents. I know everyone is different and my story may have no usefulness to others, but if there is one person that can benefit, that's enough.  

Best of luck to you finding something that works to make life easier.

Psyllium formulations vary. You really need to read the label. A standard dose of sugar-sweetened Metamucil is 1-2 rounded tablespoons up to three times per day. A standard dose of Konsyl original is one teaspoon up to three times per day. Sugar-free Metamucil will have have a different dose.

While I'm weighing in, I advise against taking psyllium powder with reduced water, though many folks here swear by it or have been advised by their surgeons to do it. I think any theory that presumes to help us by reducing our water intake is doomed, and psyllium occasionally causes choking when taken with less than 8 oz. of water. Psyllium works just fine at bulking up stool when taken as directed on the label.

Bobish, you may be on a perfect dose *for you*. The standard dose sure isn't designed specifically for J-pouchers. My point was that we can't compare/recommend psyllium doses without being specific about the psyllium product. In any case, let us know how your experiments go.

In case you want to try the exact psyllium product I referred to in my post, it is "Yerba Prima Psyllium Whole Husks Colon Cleanser". It is marketed for heart health. The ingredients list: "Psyllium seed husks".  That's all.   I started with 1 Tbsp and worked up to 2 Tbsps over a year. Best of luck!

Cheers both, I use the 'my protein' version because it's cheap and the company is well known for simple honest quality supplements (amongst the UK body building community at least).  So far I've had mixed results with a teaspoon twice a day (4 times my usual dosage).  First day was great, second day uncomfortable with regular toilet breaks.  Maybe it will settle down, I've been meaning to pay with dosage level for a while.   Will let you know the outcome.  Also I'm tempted to try benefiber at some point, bit won't muddy the waters just yet lol cheers

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