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My soon-to-be husband and I are getting married in a month. We agreed we would wait a few years until we try having a baby,
But me being the paranoid person I am, I have to ask about everyone's experiences. He had UC since he was 16, got the jpouch at 21 (he's now 28.)  Currently he's on 1 mg (once a day) of clonazepam, 5mg (once a day) of prednizone, 5 mg (once a day) of cyclobenzaprine, and 15 mg (twice a day) of opana. There are certain meds he takes when he feels he needs them so he might not take every day. But I am particularly worried about the pred. I know this is really a question for his GI doctor or a fertility doctor, but any advice you may have I would greatly appreciate. I love my fiancÉ, and I have never really wanted children until him. It's important to me but I also don't want to make him feel pressured for something he obviously has no control over. I'm just worried in a few years this will break my heart.
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Prednisone is actually given to men that have sperm antibodies, so I would not be as concerned about that.  He probably should make sure to take Folate supplement.  The good news -- the key is him having good swimmers then you handle the 'building' portion of pregnancy.  If you were on that list of medications it would be a far different story.  

I suffered from infertility but for far different reasons.  My suggestion would be, have him tested now, or soon.  It's simple and inexpensive. My our GYN can do it.  This way you might have an idea of what you might be dealing with.  You are a wonderful person to love him.  My son, who is the one who had UC and is so afraid to even think of talking to a girl, let alone date.  He is 24 almost 25.  I hope he will find someone like you to love and care for him!



@jeffsmom - tell your son not to give up hope. My fiancé went through what he's feeling, but he will meet a girl who is understanding. The best thing he can do is be fully honest about everything (for instance, my fiancé sometimes has "leakage" at night...obviously something he was nervous/embarrassed to tell me when we moved in together...but I don't care!) it helps when you can joke about it too. But honesty is best. I always tell Matt "if you don't feel well, just tell me" because it completely alters his mood...when we first started dating I thought he was mad at me, when in reality he just was feeling under the weather. If he ever needs someone to talk to, private message me and I can give him Matt's email. Matt is only a couple years older than him and still deals with side effects of the jpouch but he's adapted to life pretty well with it.

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