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Does anyone on this group live in a state that has legalized Medical Marajuana or in a state where it's recreational? If so, have you tried anything for any situations you might have with the J-pouch or other possible associated auto-immune issues like arthritis? I'd love to discuss but also wondering, even though we are discussing LEGAL Marajuana, wondering how we could take out discussion elsewhere that is more private.



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I live in Canada, medical cannabis has been legal for some time and recreational has been legal for a bit. I use cannabis to help settle my bowel and improve how and what I eat. Cannabis makes dealing with pouchitis easier for me, temporarily relieves that having to go feeling and let's me get on with things. I also find it helps to get me to sleep if I have gas or other things bothering my gut.

I use to get very inflamed joints, mostly my knees, since starting to use cannabis I see very little inflammation in my joints. It's also interesting that I no longer need a preventative inhaler for asthma. Cannabis use to be given to asthmatic people...

I have sent private messages to people who have asked me about cannabis, as they usually ask in the middle of someone elses forum topic... Very few reply back...

Everyone has different experiences with drugs and being informed about them is best, if you can talk to a doctor about it great. With cannabis you usually have to find out what works for you and how well you tolerate it.

I use a higher Thc cannabis as I am looking for the munchies, relaxed feeling. But I also use some CBD to even things out and I find it can just take the edge off sometimes without the high.

If you have never used before, definitely start with low doses and work up to what works. Most people who have a bad experience usually have over medicated.

Good luck.

Thanks for this reply. I used to use in back in the day before it was legalized. And I am experimenting with it now.. for arthritis and lots of J-pouch pains and aches and also headaches. Yes, it's true.. one has to figure out for themselves which products to use etc.


I would love to hear from others as well. I am glad it seems to be working for you. I have not had ANY luck with CBD and wondering if you take a little each day. That's NOW what the folks at the dispensaries are saying...


Okay... #1.. would you ever put it on your anus?? I have special cream made up for me in a pharmacy that does compounds which is very healing but I was wondering if the topicals I buy for my arthritis or sore muscles from dancing or tummy aches would be good for that area.


#2. In general, does it help with anything in particular?? I mean that's the thing I have been finding.. I can't say for sure that it helps all my headaches but it often makes me feel happier in general so I sometimes forget about a headache... etc.  And  I have found that certain edibles (I like them) are better for my headaches than others.... but besides that.. have you had success with any form of THC and been able to use it for any issues you have with your j-pouch?  And I realize I don't even know exactly what I am asking because, I mean, issues with our j-pouch can vary too. I sometimes think I am more tired than others because I lose REM sleep cause I get up several times a night... or just more tired from the J pouch in general and straining and the general stress of thinking about.. for instance, I am going to a five day/five night dance on Thursday morning and I have to think about all the various special things i need to bring because I have a J pouch and I feel stressed.

I don't think putting the cream on your anus would hurt, it's obviously going to absorb close to where you are looking for affect. It may cause irritation, just due to the area.

Edibles definitely work a bit differently, I find them to be the most relaxing and allow me to get better sleep. After the edibles take effect I find much more comfortable with out the urge to have a bowel movement. My issue with edibles is that they can take 30min to 4hours to take effect on me, whereas when I vape I feel it in 5 to 10min and then usually I can eat.

I would suggest getting the ‘Pot Bot’ app. It’s very educational and has additional information about other cannabinoids—like CBD, CBG, CBN, THCV, Or CBC and what they do. 

Topical and suppository are accepted methods of use. Generally suppositories are made of coconut oil. 

Also, yes it’s useful for many things but it has many drug to drug interactions so if you are using it as a medicine then you need to know how it interacts with your current medications. 

Using it as medicine, means to me, truly micro-dosing....

I will get back as I can but I hope that helps briefly. Generally for people in our situation a high CBD to THC ratio is preferable. Fortunately this means less psycho activity.  

I took a lot of CBD at first.. for like four months.. and had a variety of CBD/THC products. I didn't feel that the CBD did a darn thing for me.


I might consider buying some and taking it everyday as a supplement but I can't see buying vapes or gummies/edibles with CBD in it.. just seems like a waste to me. I felt NO effect with it.. NONE.


I can't use APp's cause I don't own a smart phone. Nor do I want to . (long story.. nothing to do with a j pouch so I'll leave it at that.)


What do you mean that THC has many drug to drug interactions ???

I think what THUMPRHARE is saying is that you need to be aware that all drugs can interact or interfere with other drugs or how your body deals with them.

None of my doctor's have given me any any concerns over drug interaction but cannabis is so "new" that the medical system doesn't know enough about it all yet.

You can also download "apps" to your computer, just not as handy. I don't know the app that THUMPRHARE suggested but most will run on a PC as well.

I also don't believe THC is bad.. I believe drug companies will keep stating it is because they want to make money. I hate big pharmaceutical companies and while sometimes necc.. many were just given to help a side effect you got from taking another drug. This I know first hand from when I was first diagnosed in 1976.  At this point in my life, I am looking for natural things as much as I can....


I just got really sick with a medicine prescribed for arthritis.. two months of feeling sick. NEVER EVER AGAIN!!!! NOPE!!

So you can also go to

And it depends what ‘effect’ you mean. THC causes gastric dumping and increases motility. CBD decreases (is not psychoactive) motility somewhat but is very helpful with inflammation. 

The ratio of CBD to THC is important to get the most benefit from it. I am not talking Hemp based CBD...I am talking sativa/indicas /hybrids that are ratio (CBD:THC) 1:1, 2:1, 4:1, 8:1, 16:1....

cannabis is metabolized in the CyP450 system—while very save by itself it has many drug interactions. for example: can raise the level of an ssri, can make estrogen containing meds (birth control pills) less effective, can make some antibiotics less effective, can make blood pressure meds & opiates more effective—so doses have to be adjusted. 

does that clear it up? 

Thanks. I never heard about the blood pressure situation. My primary care has me on blood pressure meds and he renewed my MM license and didn't say anything about it. And MY ophthalmologist who monitors me for Glaucoma twice a year says the amount I'd take would not help me curb glaucoma. Hmm.   I do think it might be worthwhile to put some CBD (not hemp) into my system.. and will look into that in January. Thanks.

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