What would such a bracelet or necklace look like? Because if it looks like a normal bracelet or necklace, I am not sure anyone would necessarily look at it closely unless you were dead, and in that case it would not seem to do much good.

I think medical personnel are trained to look at those little plastic ID bracelets one gets put on the wrist at a hospital, but it would look kind of funny to wear one of those permanently.
I don't wear one but many people do!

ER personnel are trained to look for this information, so don't worry about it being overlooked. They make a lot more bracelets and necklaces now that are better looking than the previous ones. There are several different companies that manufacture these products; I'm sure others on this board will share what they wear.

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CT, they are usually stainless steel bracelets of dog tags that have the medic symbol (or whatever it is) on it, and on the opposite side, you would engrave any medical conditions you have (such as diabetes, latex allergy, j-pouch, etc). Trained medical personnel look for these if you are involved in an emergency. My surgeon never suggested it, but I have seen it recommended on other websites.
OK that makes sense. It sounds like a good idea. I remember a few years ago I had a ultrasound or CT of my abdomen and the radiologist thought my J pouch was a gigantic tumor. I suppose that if I was unconscious or unable to tell anyone otherwise, they might have gotten me on an operating room table, cut me open, and then realized that the tumor was actually a J pouch. And that would really suck! A good friend of mine had his gallbladder removed unnecessarily due to a supposed malignant growth, but when the gallbladder came out there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. However they could not put it back in.
I have a card in my wallet that has my emergency contact info and it also says that I've had a colectomy and have a j-pouch. I think the likelihood of being in a situation where you need a medicalert bracelet because of your j-pouch is vanishingly small... but if it makes you feel better, go for it.
I got one after my surgery, then asked my surgeon, as I knew I'd lose the first one. He thought it was unnecessary, as my scars would indicate an abdominal concern, and that would be enough. I don't really wear the bracelet, more out of absentminded-ness than anything.
As an ER nurse I am always frustrated and worried when I get a patient in who has old surgical scars and I have no idea what is going on inside. It could be anything!
I wear a very nice gold bracelet which is engraved with "total proctocolectomy, internal J pouch, no rectal exams". If I should ever not be able to speak for myself I know that the medical team would be able to treat me safely.
I have one but it constantly breaks (I've had many over the years and they all break). Probably because I wear it swimming (but I can't take it off and if I change the clasp to one that I can open myself, they always break and the stupid bracelet falls off). Since mine is currently broken I think I"m giving up.

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