My recent bout of pouchitis has me back on the board being curious.  Does anyone know of pouchers that have married doctors, nurses, medical workers, EMT's, etc.? Or dated?  Not their doctor or nurse, but a doctor or nurse.  I always wondered if the medical professional would know too much about things and want to shy away.  Or would a medical professional be drawn to someone who was in need? I did date a psychiatrist once, and she had no issues with it, but a GI doc or a surgeon might know more and shy away.  Any thoughts?  I've always told my exes the general details and that I have to watch what I eat, and they know I go a little more, but they see me healthy and active and eating bad food and drinking beer, so to them it's fairly normal.  Maybe not a MD or a nurse.  Comments appreciated.

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I have been dating a veterinarian, slightly different but she's probably more qualified than some human doctors. She is very knowledgeable about my j pouch now and always helps me deal or figure out what is going on. I definitely get harassment from her if I am not looking after myself or following my GI's direction. If anything she is a big help keeping me healthy.

Hope that was helpful.

Hey - I married an Emergency Dept MD.  Not my intent, of course, to find someone in the medical profession ... just happened.  

Her knowledge is extremely helpful.  Lets see ... she reminds me to chew my vegetables thoroughly ... keeps me hydrated through double-headers while coaching our daughters softball games ... fluently translates any medical-speak that I don't quite get, and while she does not treat me, per se, knew I had gallstones after a few taps on my abdomen and pinpointing where my pain was. 

It's fascinating when she comes home and shares (no names, of course) details of a J-pouch patient she treated.  And, in turn, she has my complete permission to share what I've gone through and experienced with patients with pouches or UC.  

Luck, Michael

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