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Has anyone tried Marijuana, either smoke or edibles. I stopped smoking last year and tried edibles. It really helps me sleep and reduces my frequency. I want to be cautious and careful for the long term use. Are there are any studies or personal experiences that show it's effectiveness to control/improve pouchitis or any bad reactions to the use.

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Yes I do. I take edibles before bed and they help me sleep amazing. It's only enough to get me a sleep though. I don't go crazy and get stoned out of my mind. I'll smoke once in a blue moon but it's not really my thing. I do notice though that it definitely reduces my frequency also. I don't judge. I see lots of people saying marijuana is bad then they take and oxy or something to get to sleep at night. When I first came home from surgery they had me on oxy and I decided then that was not the route I wanted to go.

I have chronic pouchitis that I developed early this year after 10 years of take down. I got on 3 weeks of Cipro, which got me in remission. Im being extra careful with experimenting now. I used to smoke & drink like crazy last 10 years.

Most people & data will not agree with me but since I stopped smoking last year, pouchitis came back. I really feel good otherwise since I stopped smoking & drinking. It’s that pouchitis is worrying me.

Although cannabis isn’t by any means a substitute for conventional treatments for pouchitis, based on my own experience it can certainly address sleep issues and reduce frequency as it has done for @Adam21. Edibles have been more helpful for me than other delivery methods. My medical team is fine with this. (The suggestion to use a powerful class of pharmaceuticals like biologics is unhelpful and misses the point of this thread.) The one thing to be aware of is that cannabis can affect how your body responds to anesthesia, so use of cannabis should be ceased before medical procedures and definitely let the anesthesiologist know. Good luck @Adam21 and thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!

I have been using marijuana for years.  I was taking 45 plus pills a days before my surgery and decided to give it a shot.  Immediate results that gave me a break during my worst times and as a bonus also got an appetite back!.  Since my takedown (2009) every time I would remove Remicade or Marijuana my symptoms got worse.  It helps me immensely and is way better than funding tha Rx companies or putting far worse drugs in my system. Not for everybody but it works for me.

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