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Hi everyone,

Yesterday I had a pretty scary incident occur. I was standing up talking with a family member and all of all sudden felt really lightheaded and dizzy, plus my body felt like it was on fire because of how hot I became. I sat down and within seconds I blacked out and went face first unto the floor.. I woke up almost immediately after I hit the ground to find a bloody nose, but not broken thank god.. Anyways, I know my appetite has decreased a lot since my first surgery (total procolectomy).. So I'm wondering if I've become nutrition defecient or possibly dehydrated... I think it's all mental for me.. I dont like to eat because I know the end result is going to be half the day in the bathroom with butt burn and possible incontinence... I drink multiole ensure nutrition drinks a day but was told I still had to eat, as one cannot live of nutrition supplements. I forgot to mention this has happened to me once before about two months ago while I still had my ileostomy. When I know I'm going to leave the house for an extend period of time I do not eat at all to avoid stopping at every bathroom I run across, how do people cope with the urgency in the beginning stages of recovery while away from home? I feel like a trapped prisoner because leaving home seems impossible right now.
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Are you taking any prescribed meds to help deal with the "urgency" and incontinence?

My symptoms improved greatly after I was prescribed lomitol and bentyl. However, I too fast during the morning hours, so that I can work a part-time job without too many issues. But, sometimes, I eat a cookie, donut, banana or rye toast with coffee. I never was much of a big breakfast eater. When I get home, I eat a healthy lunch, snack during the afternoon and eat dinner. Most of my issues with gas or frequency seem to occur in the evening, but then I am in the comfort of my own home, so I don't care!

I just read your profile and you are sooooo new to this pouch thing. Not that I have much experience (had my TD in April), but I did not ask for meds until my 3rd month post TD. My surgeon is a bit of an optimist and I just begged to differ with him that I didn't think I was going as "great" as he had expected. That is when he prescribed meds.
This was almost certainly dehydration, though a few less common things can drop you. In any case, if you try to manage your output by drinking and eating inadequately you will likely have serious trouble. You can manage your output by medication, thickeners (e.g. Metamucil), dietary tinkering (experiment to find out what works best for you), and patience.
Dehydration or electrolyte imbalance? Or both...usually a combination of things like stress, heat and you are not eating enough...I have had to up the salt and coffee intake to combat my I take liquid mineral and vit suppliments (you can get gummy formats too)...they could help you a bit...but you should have a general workup to make sure that you are not depleated of something specific (iron?) to your doc about what has just happened too...he should be involved.
Yes, you can go a longtime without food, but dehyration literally knocks you on your butt.

Another consideration, if it applies to you, is adrenal insufficiency. It is less likely than dehydration. It occurs if you taper off steroids too quickly. There is no absolute right formula for this, and signs of it can occur a while after you stop taking them. Mostly, it is when you are under greate stress.

Jan Smiler
Since everything goes so quickly through us as compared to someone with a colon, do you folks think the nutrition drinks such as boost or ensure do us any good? In addition I don't take a fiber supplement such as metamucil... However I do eat 2-3 fiber one bars a day... Which I was told was sufficient and I have noticed more formed output as compared to my first week of no fiber.. Imodium has also been a big help.. like I stated its all mental for me and I am very new to this whole j pouch life... So everything is trial and error.. today I have had 3 meals and tons of water/ sports drinks and I must admit I do feel better already.. Monday I will call my Dr and get a complete lab workout just to be sure... Thanks for the input everyone... I'm so glad I joined this website.. its been a life saver..
I have no interest in Ensure or Fiber One unless I can't eat real food (which fortunately hasn't happened to me). The benefit of Metamucil is that it is *soluble* fiber, which thickens the stool pretty effectively for those of us who tolerate it. Insoluble fiber is great for colons, but doesn't do the same thing at all for us.

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