Does anyone take magnesium citrate? Dr wants me to take it for various reasons, new Dr to me. 
I do know it can help with constipation, but my question is, will it bulk the stool so much that I will have trouble emptying through the catheter?My stool is sooo thick all the time now, I’m nervous about trying it. My follow up notes said I had a Jpouch, I mentioned several times I had Kpouch , but the Dr may not have been aware of Ks .

Any ideas out there? Thank you 


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Oops, it’s mag oxide! I use grape juice every day and tons of water to no avail.

Tired half the pill last night and no rest at all, had to empty constantly, with lots of gas.  May be my answer.

Now that Dr Shen is gone, in a bit of a pickle here to get a new Dr. anytime soon.

Thank you Kim for answering .Glad you are doing well now🤗

Not sure if this will help but there are all sorts of natural teas that are supposed to help to cleanse the colon...I would consider them too harsh for K pouchers except in the case of emergencies or someone who has chronic thick output. 

You might want to experiment with strengths...sort of put the teabag in for only a minute and see how it works for you, then 2 the next time until you find the perfect strength for you.

I also use licorice/mint tea that is quite good at getting stuff to run through you.

Black licorice is also rather potent (the real kind, not the twizzlers).

Worse case, prune juice works like draino.


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