anyone else have swollen lymph nodes show up ever since UC and still have them swollen now with a jpouch. They've remained the same but CT scans show them every time. I even had a needle biopsy that came back negative. 

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Swollen lymph nodes were observed/felt in my throat by my PCP during a routine physical examination in May of 2015, 4 years ago. I could not detect the swelling myself. Turned out to be thyroid cancer. I had the thyroid and two lymph nodes removed. It was considered stage 3 cancer because the tumor had begun to metastasize into the lymph nodes. I later asked my surgeon how he knew what lymph nodes to remove and whether he got the cancer in all of the adjacent lymph nodes. I was startled by his response - he told me that he was confident he got all of it because cancer in a lymph node changes the color of the lymph node. It turns blue. And he removed the two that were bluish due to a metastasized cancer.

I also had a needle aspiration. In the area of my Adams Apple. Your post makes no mention of where the swollen lymph nodes are. If I were you I would be careful of linking all health issues  to UC or autoimmune disorder. It’s possible it could be autoimmune disorder but it also could be something more concerning. However it sounds like your tests have come out clean. Keep an eye on it and good luck.

This is exactly what scan says. Keep in mind they did a scan in 2013 and did a needle biopsy and all came out good:

Mildly enlarged periportal lymph nodes are unchanged. Prominent abdominal and pelvic lymph nodes, particularly within the right lower quadrant mesentery where they are mildly enlarged, are present. Overall these are improved from September 2013.

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