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I use mini bottles of natural oil with a spray top (like a mini suntan spray bottle) and spray the tip of the catheter...Easy at home. When out I either have miniature tubes of lube that the hospital gave me (they are 1/4 the length of my baby finger!) or the mini packets that I only open a tiny bit and fold to reuse. (I am very frugal...no insurance coverage for any supplies here).

As for stoma coverings, I do not leak but dribble. My valve got an elbow in it when my pouch had fallen off of the wall and every time that I intubated I would 'hit the side of it '...it created a sort of divit...that catches gunk whenever I intubate...it releases about 1/2 tsp of gunk about 1/2hr later...So I need to catch it.

Then it is just mucus and moisture depending on how often I intubate. The more often you intubate the more you create mucus and dampness.

1/2 minipad stuck to my underclothing and a folded kleenex placed against the stoma (the damp sticks it fine) or taped down at night...no expensive patches or supplies (they did not exist back when mine was done so this was the only way).

Other than tubes and syringes, I spend less than $25/yr on supplies.


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