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I am running into serious issues finding lubricants for inserting my tube to empty. I use Edgepark and when they became a part of Cardinal, the individual packets are now so tiny, I use at least 2., sometime 3 a time.

The least expensive OTC is not available anymore and KY is just SOOOO expensive as I must entubate appx. 10 to 12 times a day!!  I have contacted numerous suppliers and am being told the same thing, Sorry we can no longer obtain the item.

My Dr. is offering no suggestions and Ostomy nurses are not either.

i fear I will soon be in the Poor House trying to cover supplies, as cover pads also run out well before I remove more.I drip a lot of mucose 

Hey on second thought, , I may also be in the Nut House if the supply issue doesn’t improve, my newest 30 Fr tubes are still too flimsy to insert, so bleaching old ones.

Any ideas? Appears not many people on this forum these days 😢 Miss you all!

Happy St Pat’s Weekend ☘️

Thsnks in advance, Jan


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By being creative, I have been able to keep my supply cost under $100 per year. I use mineral oil as a lubricant and a 16 oz bottle costing about $2.00 at Walmart lasts about a year. Vegetable oil (like olive oil) can also be used.  Put a small amount of it in a medicine bottle for use when away from home. I use generic incontinence pads cut in half to cover my stoma.  Others have used nursing pads, which are a bit larger and more absorbent.  Although they are sticky on the reverse side to hold them in place, sometimes tape is needed.  If taken care of, catheters can last 6 months or more and will become stiffer with use. Although they turn brown over time, that does not affect how they work or present cleanliness issues.  Just flush them out after each use.  By using plenty of lube and gently working the catheter in, a “flimsy” new catheter should work OK.  I have had no problems with the Marlin 30fr curved catheters.

I use vitamin e oil, works well.

 I also use a thin washcloth instead of pads. I don’t have much output, so it doesn’t get that wet. The washcloths are very cheap at Walmart, I think it’s $4 for 18 or more. 

Medicare pays for the catheters.

Hope this helps.

I saw a post where someone was using nursing pads that came in different sizes. She puts them in a zippered lingerie bag and cleans them in the washing machine/dryer. I can’t remember what kind of fabric they were. 

i use the lube jell.  recently paid 18$ for box of 12, 4 oz each, on amazon.  one tube lasts almost a week.  that's much cheaper than using the single packets.  checked and the packets are available on amazon.

i also use the nursing pads.  occasionally i forget to take remove them before washing and what a mess for the rest of my laundry!  kim might be referring to a different  type.  i go through two a day as i produce lots of mucus.  to cut cost you can put a fresh one at night, cover your stoma with half a paper towel that's folded up several times and put the protective packaging from the pad between the pad and the towel.  then, in the morning, you still have a fresh pad.

try putting the catheter in the freezer to lessen the flex.  also, relieve your bladder, inhale, exhale, relax and then insert the catheter.

keep us posted.  janet (formerly jlh--had sign in probs and set up new account )

I looked them up. The material is “bamboo”. Trying to attach a photo from amazon. Some people love the way these work and the fact that they are washable. D4C6F361-EFD2-4A5F-8011-63FFA373475F


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Lubricating Jelly... https://www.vitalitymedical.co...=lubricating%20jelly

30f Catheter... https://www.vitalitymedical.co...er-30-french-dc.html

I use cheap store brand sanitary napkins/pads. The kind with sticky tape on it to put on my underwear. And I add some double sided tape from the dollar store to keep it in place better (that's optional). I cut the pads in 3 equal parts and one large pack last awhile. I also cut and fold a paper towel to put between the sanitary pad and opening. 

I buy the lube tubes in bulk and I can usually get a better deal when I do that and sometimes add free shipping. I use an old prescription bottle for at home and I purchased a travel bottle for on the road (the size the TSA like). I squeeze some of the lube in the bottle and dip the catheter in.

I also purchase coverlets band-aid to cover the opening at other times. I put a folded paper towel under the band aid to soak up more discharge. I also purchase both in bulk to hopefully save some money.

I mostly use the sanitary napkin/paper towel for the most part. Depending on the situation, I may use the band aid/paper towel for other occasions. But I found that pulling off a band aid 10 to 12 times a day isn't really fun. So that's why I mostly use the sanitary napkin/paper towel combo. 

But the reusable bamboo pads seems intriguing. I think I'll look into that as well.

Thanks to all for all the info. Good luck and peace of mind to everyone. Have a most beautiful day. 


Happy to be getting all the responses. I use a tube every 2 days. Only use the packets  when on a longer journey, or more now as I can’t keep the tubes in supply. Presently both on back order I am told!

I do order in bulk and buy every one on the shelves I can for of 3 inch padded bandages , waterproof,and add the extra padding of soft layered gauze , then cover all with folded paper towels taped on me and still many times am leaking through. 

I have had 2 Jpouches and now the  Kpouch, a year and a half, do you all think this has to do with  having very little bowel left, that I have to empty about 12 times a day? 

Also, huge amount of gas adds to difficulty of entubating, also adding to the cost of clothing, big clothes, little clothes😳😂,But all women get that issue. Hmmm?

2 months ago ago I had a fecal transplant for C diff and at least my poop 💩 doesn’t stink anymore ( well that’s what I think anyway🤷‍♀️) I’m kinda restricted for awhile on what I can put in me.

Im gonna try Amazon again today.

Thanks for the tips! Always appreciate 






Hi Kim, 

No , had recent check up because of the C diff , all ok. It’s just me they say and brought up the short bowel.

I am dehydrated , most of the time,constantly working on that. It’s a true pain in the —-, oh I mean belly to do it that much , that’s what it is though. 





I order 4oz tubes in bulk, by the case. It ends up costing just over $1 a tube. Google it and look for best prices, it changes from day to day. Recently I have found the best price at Vitality.


Hi Littlered 1,

Could you please tell me what brand you are ordering? Been trying to find a good one, a bit thick , and one that I don’t need to take out a loan for🥴 haha!

Thanks, Jan

I don’t use any lube, just dip in water.  Also, I cut up mini pads into 3s (all natural, no bleach) makes 90 pads for $2.50.  I drain about 5x day so one box of pads lasts about 2 weeks or so. Secure with micropore tape - get box from Amazon for under 10.  

any way to get free shipping on vitality?  otherwise the price is relatively high.

still cheaper on amazon.  just got box of 12 for 18$ and free ship.  that's 1.50$/4 oz tube.  amazing how different the pricing is for the same thing.  

what type of pad one uses depends--sorry for that pun--upon how much one drains.  at times i drip constantly and go through several nursing pads in one day. previously i also could use the mini pads.

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