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Hey! I recently had an ileostomy closure after having a temporary ileostomy for about 5 years due to anal fistulas.

I noticed that my lower right abdominal area will expand and retract. It often accompanies some growling noises as well.

Was wondering has anyone had any experience with this? My hunch is a possible obstruction that never healed correctly or scar tissue?

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You're right!  First, congratulations on your take-down and healing of the fistulas.  

Sounds like things in that area are moving slowly because it's a narrow spot.  I've come to understand that narrowing of the area at the location of the stoma closure is very common.  There are two surgical approaches to the take-down, end-to-end and side-to-side, both susceptible to some version of this problem. If you search "obstruction" or "stricture" on the site you'll find many descriptions of people with these issues within a few years of the surgery.  The good news is it seems to settle down after a while.  In the meantime, high protein diet, fiber avoidance and plenty of liquids may help.  

I'm writing this @ 3:30am instead of sleeping, because I'm waiting for my narrow-ish spot, just dilated during pouch-oscopy, to clear.  I experience the same fullness and gurgling that you do.  It's better than it was before being dilated, but I was not quite careful  enough with my diet yesterday.  

15 months & still learning.

I noticed the middle of my abdomen sometimes showing the movements of my bowel after my last big surgery in 2017, where I had a total obstruction. It looked strange and a bit scary, and I wondered why I hadn't seen it before.

In fact it is a hernia, the abdominal wall has not closed completely after the incision of that 2nd big surgery. I didn't do anything about it because by GI doc said it is big enough so nothing will get stuck there. Treating it would mean another surgery with insertion of a flexible mesh to hold things together.

I have no problems or pain with that hernia, it only looks a little weird occasionally.

Perhaps such a hernia is what you experienced.

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