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Hello. I was hoping somebody could give me some feedback. 

I’ve been getting some really bad lower abdominal pain. It usually happens when I need to go to the restroom. It’s like an urge to go. Once I go, very little watery stool comes out and the pain goes away. 

I was on flagyl for a week and a few days but I stopped as I felt my symptoms getting worse and I’m glad I stopped. Also, I notice I get a fever during the middle of the night but seem ok during the day. 

I’m worried this is something that can’t be cured or if it’s like ulcers....

There’s no leakage or anything. I was taking loperamide but it didn’t seem to stop the watery stool.

I’ll be seeing my surgeon soon but I’m worried...

What could it be? 

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Intestinal pain is usually from stretching of the wall of the intestine. Most commonly this is gas, which is very good at stretching the “balloon.” If you aren’t producing much gas then you might have a partial obstruction. Something (most often an adhesion) narrows the gut opening, so when the intestine tries to push the contents past the narrowing some of that force stretches the intestine instead. You might get some relief from a liquid diet, which is easier to push past a narrowing. Partial obstructions usually clear up on their own.

The are plenty of other things that can cause the pain you describe, and the fevers are more often from some sort of an infection. I’m glad you have an appointment to figure this out. Good luck!

Hello Scott

I thank you for taking the time to respond.

Yes, now that you mention gas, I notice that much hasn’t been coming out. 

My surgeon prescribed another antibiotic which he told me to just take for one week and stop. He doesn’t think it’s pouchitis but rather some bacteria doing bad either in the gut or elsewhere.

He didn’t run any tests.

So my symptoms remain the same. I now get both upper and lower abdominal pain before a BM. Once it’s out, it seems ok. 

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