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I have a J-pouch with pretty much chronic pouchitis from the beginning, but that's not the subject of this post. I just had my annual check-up and my vitamin D is at 16, which is pretty low. This comes after taking 5,000 IU of liquid vitamin almost daily for the last 3+ years. My doctor didn't have any suggestions other than consulting with my GI since it's probably an absorption issue. I've done some searching with limited success.

I'm wondering if anyone here was able to successfully raise their Vitamin D level and has any something useful to share.


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I had similarly low Vitamin D levels. In my case it turned out that 5,000 IU per day simply wasn’t quite enough for me. I eventually worked out that a dose of about 50,000 IU/week got my level into the normal range. I spread it across the week, taking 5,000 some days and 10,000 a few times during the week. I just take the capsules. My multivitamin also has a little Vitamin D.

You can’t really tell how a dose is working without repeating the test, so this can take some patience. Give any new dose level some time to stabilize before retesting.

Sunlight is the best source of vitamin D, and 30 minutes a day is recommended no matter what supplements you take. Not getting enough can lead to other health issues like Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD).

I dated a lady years ago who had SAD. She actually moved from Seattle to CT because she wasn’t getting enough sunlight, and had a major vitamin D deficiency. She told me it caused her to be moody and have significant depression. It’s a health issue in rainy climates. I guess even with supplements she still had issues. She told me the move to a sunnier climate improved her condition substantially.

Thanks for the responses. I will try increasing my dose and perhaps switch from liquid to capsules as well.

Sunlight is an option for me in the summer, but living in NY we don't get much of that in the winter. I suppose if I believed more sunlight it would bring my pouchitis into remission I would consider moving to a sunnier climate but I'm not convinced that's the case. 

I had very very low levels of vitamin D, even though I live in tropical region and there's abundance of sunlight yearlong but UC just wouldnt let my body absorb enough sunlight probably. I think same is the case in pouchitis. I used to take 60,000 IU capsule once a week to keep it close to normal. Even with that high a dose I used to supplement vitamin D from other calcium and multivitamin supps. Post takedown and after starting working out regularly Vitamin D is no more an issue for me. Yeah I do go out in sun alot now that I dont have UC, but I think the ability of body to be able to absorb the Vitamin from any source , be it sun, food or medicine needs to be increased. For me exercise did the trick. I dont think it would have gotten any better even if I had taken more capsules or sat in sun all day if my body was just not able to process the amount its supposed to.

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