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Are there any good resources on line or books  for Low residue diets ? I would like more specific guidelines . My doctor. Just said to avoid fresh fruits and vegetables.  Are there certain foods to avoid that irritate the j pouch ? Has anyone found that food allergy testing helps you know which foods to avoid?




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Hi Marj

i haven’t had any food allergy testing but I know from personal experience that milk and ice cream don’t agree with my  jpouche.  Hence I steer clear of them. I also try and stick to a gluten free diet. Cooked vegetables are fine with me and I limit my fruit also. Other than that I’m fine. 



Marj, it's always best to learn from yourself rather than follow someone else's diet suggestions (even a doctor's) everyone is different and just because a food is tolerated by someone else didn't mean it will by you!  

I notice you have had a pouch for over 20 years so presumably you have some idea which foods upset you and which don't.  Do you have a specific concern that's leading you to want to restrict your diet

95% of digestion occurs in the part of the digestive tract that we still have, and outr nutritional requirements are still the same, so really you wouldn't restrict anything if possible.  Avoiding fruit and veg doesn't sound sustainable in the long run.


The scd diet is useful for identifying problem foods, the plan is you only do it in the short term until you identify what's bothering you speciffically..


Your more likely to have health issues if you have a poor diet, so you should never exclude food (and especially not food groups) if there is anyway to avoid it

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