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My pouch was constructed in 1989  it’s all good but lately my lymphocytes are low and I’m feeling so tired agitated and irritable and can’t settle to do very much. My arms wrists legs are itching and it’s so intense I make them bleed. Has anyone experienced this ? 

Thank you for taking the time to read. Any reply’s would be amazing. 

Take good care & Keep safe.  

Linzalisha 💕💕

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I developed an intense itchy rash that comes and goes after my surgery last October. It would itch and have a raised red rash that when disappearing a few days later turned into a bruise. There would be several locations at a time too. My internist put me on Zertec and sent me to a dermatologist.  The dermatologist examined me, when of course none of the rashy spots were active, and said it was hives and could be caused by a thousand things and gave me a prescription for some cream. Fast forward 6 months and my internist noticed a patch of the "rash" during an appointment and asked if that was the same rash from October and investigated further. After flunking a new blood test, to me,  of my Tryptase level he did a skin biopsy and follow up blood test 2 months later was even higher.  I then had a bone marrow biopsy and the tryptase level taken that day was even higher.  The biopsy results were normal so I know I don't have a MAST cell problem or cancer. Why my tryptase level is so high we don't know. For all I know it's been that way forever.

I'm telling you about this as your problems could be the sign of something underlying that could be serious. Also please get a prescription for come cream to put on it so the itching won't be so intense. The more you scratch the worse the itching becomes


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