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Well, exactly one month out from my redo takedown with Dr. Remzi.  For the past five years I've posted issues that I've had, including several surgeries, so I thought it was time to post how well things are going.


I am extremely pleased with how well I feel and the function of my new pouch!  I am using 2 Imodium before meals and an hour before bed and sort of experimenting with it. Hemorrhoids seem to be under control and I am able to empty almost when I want with no urgency.  I am using a bit of tucked toilet paper to  help with very minor leaking, and that is becoming more and more controlled.  The last few nights I've been up at 2:00 for a restroom break, then sleeping in until morning.  I would say I visit the bathroom about six times a day!  In a perfect world, I'd have it dialed in to sleep all night, but I do not want to be too greedy!


My stoma site is about 1/4" and almost fully closed.  I am using a Coco bidet and still trying to be gentle as I go.  I have a family weekend planned at an amusement park this weekend, so it will be a good test if I can walk and stand for a long time and NOT have the bidet.  My bet is extra walking and standing will call out the hemorrhoids, but I'll be vigilant.   If I pass this test I'll be anxious to get in a bit of jogging in the near future.  (I tried it last week and caused a bit too much leaking.)


I remain cautiously very optimistic.  I hope this continues as well as it has.  

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Update from the family outing this past weekend.  Day 1, perfect and slept the ENTIRE NIGHT for the first time in a long time.  I even had a beer for dinner and some beef/steak shishkabobs. (sp?) for dinner.  


Walked around outside for most of Sat and Sun and did well, but was exhausted at night and probably not enough water in the sun.   I think I had the combination of missing some Imodium AND some fair food, like fried dough and huge ice cream that loosed up the works quite a bit yesterday.  I also had some blood in the stools last night and I think it was hemorrhoids.  I stuck to peanut butter toast for dinner last night and feel pretty good today -- so far no blood.  (That was a bit scary!)   


Overall, though, no emergencies or urgency.  I did tend to hit the restrooms when they were nearby just to try to stay on top of things, which I'm sure is the case with all of us getting to know our pouches!

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