I recently had my reversal surgery on Jan., 30th. Since then I'm averaging 20-30 trips per day to the bathroom (sometimes more!). I've been told that there is a transitional period of about a year. Is going to the bathroom 20-30 times a day about right so soon after my reversal surgery? My surgeon said to expect 5-6 trips a day to bathroom. Can I expect the number of trips to the bathroom to decrease during my first year with a j-pouch?

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20-30 is a bit more but then everyone's different. I was going 10-15 times post takedown for the first 3 months. It then got down to 7-8 for the next 3 and its 5-6 now. My surgeon said in a year it'll get down to 3-4 in a day provided I eat what agrees with my pouch. My friend who had this surgery 1 year before mine was stable at 2 weeks post takedown and got to 3-4 mark within 2 months but he's fairly lean and eats much lesser than I do so thats a factor I guess.

Levsin is the better of the 2 between It and bentyl. Less side effects but could make you feel loopy. It’s best taken 45 minutes before meals if you are having bursts of frequent BMs right after meals. If the BMs all come in bursts after eating it’s a spasmodic Pouch. If spaced through the day it’s probably Pouchitis.

Generic of levsin is called Hyoscamine.

Donnatal is another anti-spasmodic drug which is milder than levsin and bentyl but I am not sure if it’s still being used or covered by insurance. There was some problem with it a few years back.

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