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hey everyone,

Just wondering if anyone has had trouble with losing weight in the first trimester of pregnancy due to pouchitis? If so, what did you do about it? 

I had the stomach flu and now the flu over the last 3 weeks and have been struggling with pouchitis since the beginning of my pregnancy (I’m 15 weeks now). 

My dr is wanting to start me on biologics, but I’m not ready for that. I’ve tried flagyl, xifaxan, Imodium, vsl3, and I’ve increased my intake as much as I can stomach. 

Any thoughts or ideas are welcome! I’ve lost almost 20 lbs and it’s not weight I can afford to lose! 


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I lost a significant amount of weight during my pregnancy. I had severe morning sickness in the first trimester and bowel obstruction in late third trimester.

I have been on Cimzia for a long time as I was told it was the best for mothers. I would look into Cimzia and ask your doctor about it. It’s two injections once a month. 

I had some pretty bad nausea my first semester too. Although I didn’t lose weight, I only gained two pounds by my 5th month. I’m not too concerned but I am making an effort to increase my protein and eating a wider variety of foods. Have you consulted a nutritionist? What does your doctor say? 

I am also in Cimzia for my arthritis and have been on it since before I was pregnant. My rheumatologist also said it was the best biological to be on while pregnant. Although my gastro doc didn’t prescribe it, he said it was good to prevent pouchitis. Maybe see if your doc would approve it?

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