I have Been struggling with weight gain. I have crohns and a jpouch. Big issue is k owing what to eat giving my restrictions.  Does anyone know of a nutritionist or dietician that could ve helpful in figuring out how to lose weight with these issues? Thanks.

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The only effective method to lose weight (body fat) is to eat less and increase day to day activity.

Sugary foods and drinks are the biggest contributor to fat gain and it's the excess fat which increases your weight.

 With fat loss and muscle development, a person can actually weigh more.

With a toned body, a person can be burning off more calories whilst sitting still than that of a less defined and active person.

I'm pretty certain, like me, you have indeterminate Colitis and unless you've experience Crohn's like symptoms within the small bowel and or, other sections of the digestive tract, losing or gaining weight shouldn't be an issue; the fact you've gained weight proves you're absorbing nutrients from your diet 

However, losing the weight does depend on your age, sex, height and what you believe your ideal weight should be, compared to your actual weight.

How you acheive this weight/fat loss also depends on your current weight and level of fitness.

One of the best methods of increasing fitness and burning calories, thus losing weight, is skipping (jump rope) in combination with a reduced food and  sugar drinks intake. 

No point binging on a box of Cookies or jelly doughnut after a skipping session, as you'll put back on, what you've just burnt off.

The reason skipping is such a good exercise; it forces you to keep to a rhythm and pace; if you slow, you'll notice instantly.

With running, it's so easy to start full of vigor and determination, yet as you tire, you'll gradually slow, which will defeat the point of the exercise.

Incorporating exercise as a means of losing excess body fat has an over all benefit; healthy mind, soul and all that but its primary reason, is to see the desired results sooner, rather than not at all, otherwise people will bore of it and just give up; and blaming their metabolism.

Intake/output. Less in and more out is my general rule. 

If I reduce my intake by 10% and increase my output by 15% (walking more, exercising a little) then I will increase my weight loss by 25%. I will not lose 25% of my body weight just increase what I lose. 

So, during the school year, during the work week, I get off of the subway 2-4 stops before I need to and walk the rest of the way. I take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator, even if it kills me (it does), eat high protein lunches (Greek Yoghurt, fish or chicken with a veggie), switch out whites for only whole grains when it concerns breads, cakes, pastries, pasta etc. 

That usually does the trick for me...meaning I cut out about 15% of my caloric intake. 

I also abolish all fried foods, processed foods, sweet drinks and I never drink pop or coffee drinks. I stick to water or bubbly water and homemade lemonade. 

If I do just that, I can cut out about 25% of my caloric intake.

That means that the output part (activity and exercise) is up to me...the added bonus is that the more I walk and muscle up, the more calories my body will burn when I am resting too. 

And the less space my body takes up (things tighten up).

I never diet because diets have a beginning, middle and end...And the end usually means rampant cheating, overdoing it and getting food revenge. 

I just remove food groups that are toxic, try to reduce unnecessary quantities and keep my goal in mine.



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