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I'm looking for recommendations for getting through the night without getting up. It can be 2/3+ times depending on what I have eaten (the more pulses/veggies I eat the worse it is). I'm vegan so a diet change is difficult. I've tried psyllium but it seems high fibre the culprit and pysllium doesn't really help. Is loperamide my only option, or are there other natural alternatives I could try?


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Hi Adam,

I take loperamide 3x/day

breakfast, dinner and bedtime.

Couple with my last meal no later than 6pm I get good results.

I am up 3-4 times per night to urinate, but as long as I have no gas, no BM either.

my GI would like me to reduce the dosage, but has not provided an alternative. Since I am finally in a good place I am sticking with and accepting the loperamide as a long term therapy.

Pepto Bismol is worth a try - Doctor Shen recommended it. Have been taking Loperamide around 8 pm to settle my "every evening gut excitement" then Pepto 3- 4 hrs later. I've had a few good 6hr nights. (4 hrs at a time is my base line though some nights even that is interrupted. )  Take a look at other comments here by searching Pepto Bismol. Beware the black stool and tongue.

Diet seems to be all-powerful. I've shifted to a small meal, never late, oatmeal is best. I've tried Scott's Peanut Butter thing when I'm feeling particularly hungry but it's too late to eat too much. Seems to work.

Hoping things continue to improve as I approach the 1 yr mark in June. And wishing continued improvement for you.

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