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I have had a k pouch for forty two years, done at Cleveland Clinic, by the great Dr. Fazio. My only complication was once about 30 years ago . I had a blockage due to eating too many raw carrots, and resulting in 24 hours of ng tube at the hospital before it was resolved. A month ago while camping in the Upper Peninsula I had a partial blockage ( from eating too many baby potatoes with their skins on). Immediately began only drinking clear liquids and by day four it resolved. However, now I have a fear that IF something were to go wrong what to do and where do I go?

I live in northern lower peninsula of Michigan. Any suggestions of who I can go to?

Thank you.

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Hi Cindy,

I've had my K pouch since 1979 and moved to Europe in 1983.

I have never had a K pouch surgeon here to do the work and revisions. I was either at home or flew home when I did need them urgently.

For the 'easy stuff' like scopes, hernias, blockages, bowel twists etc I have a general surgeon who knew nothing about K pouches but was very open to learning. He did a tandem on me when he invited my K pouch surgeon to fly in for emergency surgery and learned a bit about my anatomy while inside.

Since then, 2012 I think, he has removed my gallbladder, fixed numerous hernias, liberated a loop of adhered bowel, and just recently removed a cyst on my liver and cut some adhesions.

I get repeat blockages and like you, treat them as well as I can (yes, I also eat the wrong foods in excess...right now, it is popcorn!) but I know that I have a safe and strong team behind me just in case.

He has done many J pouches via celioscopy (laparoscopy) which is his specialty and has learned to adapt.

I know that not many surgeons are willing to jump the fence and learn a new specialty later in life but there are some good ones out do not panic...just ask if they are willing to keep you on as a special patient for the small stuff.


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