I have been a patient of Dr. Shen's for many years but with his recent departure from the CCF it will be very difficult and expensive to continue with him, as much as I would really like to.  What experiences have people had with Dr. Philpot, especially in terms of having pouchoscopy done?  Also, are there any other doctors that people can highly recommend that are in the same league as Dr. Shen?

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Hello there!  I used to be a regular here but have not been on the board for many years.  It was a strange coincidence that I came today to ask this very question!!!  I had my surgeries by Dr Remzi at CCF in 2005/2006 and have seen Dr Shen a few times for pouchoscopy since then.  Did I see he is now at Columbia?

I live in Columbus so my options are to find someone new at CCF or find someone local.  Looking for recommendations!

Also, I'd love feedback on pouchoscopy frequency.  I know CCF recommends every year, but I feel that is excessive for me.  I am doing great with my pouch with minimal issues.  I understand the need for continued cancer surveillance but also have a sort of an "if it ain't broke" mentality.

Thanks and good to "see" everyone again!


Pouchoscopy frequency varies a *lot*. I think folks who had dysplasia prior to their J-pouch surgery should probably get an annual pouchoscopy at least, and folks with FAP don’t even have to ask this question. For the rest of us, if we’re doing well, I think it depends on your risk tolerance, comfort with the procedure, and maybe even insurance situation. I haven’t had a pouchoscopy in quite a while, but that’s more of an illustration of the range of choices than a recommendation. I do thing that every J-poucher should have an active, constructive relationship with a gastroenterologist. Some of those relationships might turn out to be well maintained by regular pouchoscopies.

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