So, who here is the longest term J-poucher? My first pouch started failing (leaking) at about 12.5 years, had it redone at 15.5 years, and I want to get the longest term possible out of the new one. How do I get there, and what is reasonable to expect? Thanks in advance!
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My pouch is closing in on it's 23rd year and it's done quite well. No additional surgeries or revisions. I have a friend who has had her pouch since 1985. She has to get regular dilations but she is doing well.

I don't think there is an answer for longevity. But I fully expect my j-pouch to last as long as I do.

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I've had my J-pouch for 15 1/2 yrs. Until this year I had been hospitalized a couple of times for dehydration, but it's happened 3 times this year. The intern was kind to point out I am a little older, 54, and not able to easily recover from getting dehydrated. I'm trying different things but I just seem to have a delicate balance with maintaining my hydration.
szeromambo i do not think vsl#3 would have caused your is adding good bacteria and if you have reactions to it (which is definetly possible)upon stopping it they should go away..when i tried it years ago it made me worse and i just could not get to even i bag..haven`t tried it since..

I believe I'm the oldest j pouch here: 31 years and going strong. Had a revision after 5 years to shorten the bit just above the rectum. My surgeon was Sir Alan Parks of St. Marks Hospital in London and he was the Daddy of ileo-rectal pouches. I've had a few issues, you can read about them in my posts. Good Luck! At the 7 year mark I discovered orabase protective pasted and have avoided butt burn since.
I had mine done in 1986 at UCLA. I now am looking at removal as it's done it's dash. It's been good to me though, causing no problems until a few years ago, I've sailed across oceans and done things I never thought I could. So thank you j pouch and dr fonkalsrud!!
Hi Everyone.
I have had my s pouch since late 1981.
Done in Sydney Australia by a surgeon who was a friend of Sir Allan Parkes,now almost 33 years and so far so good, not too many problems but I try and look after myself.
I think one of the secrets to a sucessfull pouch is to watch what you eat and drink plenty of water.
22 years...unfortunately I am having it removed on 9/22 as I developed Crohns around 2008...all meds have failed...stricture at anastomoses, Crohns in pouch and fissures...I had a good ride and I'm devastated over losing it but it's time to move on with my regrets though...jpouch gave me a good life while it lasted...
Had my pouch for 32 years. Lots of dilations. Had adhesions take out. Had a fistula and abscess.
30 Blockages with ER Time. About
50 I stopped with hot water bottle laying upside down and massage.
Still coaching and teaching. Now lots of joint problems with arthritis.
Keeping my pouch long as I can!!!!
I've had mine for about 15 years now. 1st couple of years I had pouchitis but after that, it's been good! I eat whatever and whenever I want. Spicy food, nuts, seafood, alcohol, sweets, whatever. I also workout regularly and take vitamins and protein shakes. So far it's been good to me

Hi, I don't come here's been a few years. My pouch is 24 1/2 years old. Pretty much been ok and I attribute it to daily psyllium husk, a clean diet and daily exercise including yoga. I think completely emptying the pouch keeps pouchitis and other issues at bay. This is done with psyllium. Or you can take Metamucil.


Be well everyone.

32 years and counting.  3 episodes of pouchitis but consider that not too bad.  Hoping for continued good health.  Been able to hold down a career as an airline pilot for the last 20 years.  Has not been an easy road but has made me a stronger person thanks to God's help.  Good health to all!

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